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Lucas Oil Rules

1.If You have a problem See an admin after the Race

2.No Talking During any racing, this means the pace lap as well
3.Track will be closed all night

4.If you door slam someone must not complete the pass

5.Slidejobs. If you make contact dont complete the pass
if you complete the pass to the rear

6.No Wall Riding this also means hitting the wall on exit of

7.If you spin someone you go to the rear, they maintain the spot

8. If you spin and another car after that you will be asked
​to park it for the night

9.leader will start the race at the point designated by the
Admin this will be for heats B's and A's

10. Don't fire before the car in front of you fires

11.If you become two for more laps down you
​ can not get them back only car that are one lap down


​​ Lucas Oil Format
1.Divers with an odd position will line up on the back
stretch once in single file and then will be given
5 laps to warm up. Then evens will do the same.

2.Heats will be randomized,No yellows, 1 restart,
10 laps top 4 advance to A main, the rest to the B

3. B mains will have 1 yellow, 1 restart 12 laps top
4 transfer.

4.1 provisional to the guy that is highest in points
Night one the provisional will go to the hard charger
in the b main

5. A mains 3 yellows, 2 restarts at Admins discrecion
2 before halfway 1 before 10 to go

6.​ ​A main restarts will be Deleware Double file. 2nd place
​will choose inside or or outside then evens to the inside odd
to the outside.​